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WISCONSIN NEWS ROUND-UP: Two dead after fight during a party near Marquette campus

MILWAUKEE - A double homicide near Marquette University didn’t involve anyone on the campus, but students were alerted.  

Milwaukee police say the incident started with a fight between two men in their early 20s.  The report came in at about 2:50 a.m. Saturday.  Both victims were dead on the scene.  Witnesses say the argument happened during a party. 


An upgrade to a seawall on the Wisconsin River at Stevens Point could wind up saving nearby residents thousands of dollars in flood insurance.  The upgrade may mean properties owned by more than 200 families are no longer in the river’s 100-year flood zone.  Stevens Point city officials have been working for 15 years to revise the map.  The property owners have had to buy extra insurance in the past.  Local officials are waiting on FEMA approval to redraw that map, removing the families from the flood zone.


An official with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources had reported four years ago of seeing a tanker truck discharging animal matter within the Upper Rock River drainage basin.  The DNR official described seeing decomposing animal matter, entrails and thousands of flies going into a pit.  That has resulted in a fine of $27,500 for an animal food facility in Marshall.  There were 14 claims against Bailey Farms, which turns dead livestock into animal food.  More violations were spotted by the DNR in 2012 and last year, including an instance where pollutants ran from a storage facility to the Manusha River. 


The head from a Madison apartment fire back on Aug. 8 actually melted parts of a city fire truck.  That fire was so big it was observed on weather radar and it damaged more than a dozen nearby homes.  A Madison Fire Department spokesperson says crews arriving to fight the fire could feel the heat from 100 feet away while still inside their truck.  That apartment building had been under construction and it was destroyed.  One homeowner who lives a block away says he has had to spend seven-thousand dollars to repair the damage to his home.


Classes will start two weeks late at Green Bay Preble High School.  The original first day of classes had been set for Sept. 2, but a fire damaged the school’s gymnasium Aug. 8.  Fire investigators say school district workers failed to properly dispose of rags they had been using to resurface that gym’s floor.  The rags were the source of spontaneous combustion.  Green Bay School District officials say they are still working on plans to make up the lost time, but they say they will avoid using weekends and holidays to accomplish that.  Classes are now scheduled to start Sept. 15  The school year’s closing date hasn’t changed.


Congressman Paul Ryan has taken the “ice bucket challenge.”  Original reports had indicated the Janesville Republican would just cut a check for ALS research, but it was his daughter who poured a bucket of ice water on him in a video posted to his Facebook page Saturday afternoon.  He had previously donated $100.  The ice bucket challenge phenomenon was started to raise money to fight Lou Gehrig’s disease.  The ALS Foundation reports raising $11-million dollars since the challenges started last month.