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WISCONSIN NEWS ROUND-UP: Police chase ends at Eau Claire home with dead body inside

EAU CLAIRE - A police chase in west-central Wisconsin ends at an Eau Claire home where the body of a woman was found inside. 

The chase started early Friday in Chippewa County.  The driver was arrested in front of his home and charged with operating while intoxicated and fleeing an officer.  He’s being held in the Chippewa County Jail.  During the follow-up investigation, neighbors told police they had heard what sounded like a gunshot earlier Thursday night.  That’s when officers found the body.  An autopsy is being done.


The suspect in a double-homicide has been taken to a local hospital for treatment.  One woman was taken to a hospital and died and a second woman was found dead inside the home.  The extent of the male suspect’s injuries wasn’t released, but police do confirm the suspect resisted arrest at first.  The street in front of the Fitchburg home was blocked off for three hours Friday afternoon while police were on the scene.  The home reportedly belongs to former Dane County deputy Andy Steele, who was recently diagnosed with ALS.  Fitchburg police wouldn’t say whether Steele was involved in the incident or not.


A 13-year-old girl in Manitowoc is in trouble for driving illegally – again.  Eight days after she was arrested for drunken driving, the teenager has been arrested again. She’s accused of being drunk when she was stopped with five other juveniles in the car August 13th.  She was released to her mother that time.  Thursday afternoon, the same 13-year-old girl was spotted by police driving again.  She briefly tried to get away when the squad car activated its flashing lights and siren.  After about two blocks, she and four other juveniles jumped out and tried to run away.  All were caught after a brief foot chase.  The car had never been put in park so it rolled up into a yard.  The girl now faces a whole new, long list of charges.


A total of 1,300 pages of court documents have been released by a federal appeals court from the secret investigation into Governor Scott Walker’s recall campaign.  Those documents include e-mails showing Walker’s campaign team told him to tell donors to give to the Wisconsin Club for Growth, which would then run ads for Walker and pass on money to other conservative clubs which were supporting him.  The documents don’t confirm that Walker did what he was told to do.  They do indicate that millions of dollars were later transferred from Wisconsin Club for Growth to the groups backing Walker as Democrats tried to recall him. 


Even though he could do it, state Senator Joe Leibham (R-Sheboygan) says he won’t ask for a recount in the Republican primary for Congress.  That sets the stage for state Senator Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend) to start the general election campaign for the 6th District seat now held by Congress Tom Petri.  Official results showed Grothman defeated Leibham by 219 votes, well within the number needed for a free recount.  Leibham says that won’t be necessary and he has called Grothman to wish him well.  Spring Green attorney Pat Bomhack does want a recount in his Democratic primary with former state Department of Transportation Budget Director Ernie Wittwear.  The county board of canvassers turned in results last week showing Wittwer ahead by just seven votes.  The deadline to request that recount was Friday at 5 p.m.


Within five year the University of Wisconsin System hopes to make inroads in the number of incoming students who need remedial math.  The system wants to cut the number by one-third.  Currently, 20-percent of freshmen entering a state university need the remedial math to prepare them for a higher-level math class which is required for earning a college degree.  The system plans to work more closely with K-through-12 educators to reduce the number of college freshmen needing the help.  More hands-on tutoring will be offered and more problem-solving will be done in class while using special computer software programs.