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WISCONSIN NEWS ROUND-UP: Walker denies soliciting donation from Gogebic

MADISON - Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker says he had no role in soliciting donations to an important conservative group which supported him during the 2012 recall effort.  

Walker denied pressuring a mining company to make a $700,000 donation to Wisconsin Club for Growth.  His comments were made at a Saturday campaign event in Kenosha.  Walker says he wasn’t aware Gogebic Taconite had made the donation.  He says his support for legislation helping the mining company shouldn’t be a surprise since he has been in favor of easing mining regulations for a long time.


Fitchburg police report 39-year-old Andrew Steele is the suspect being held in the fatal shootings of two women.  Preliminary autopsy results show 38-year-old Kacee Tollefsbol and 39-year-old Ashlee Steele were the victims of homicidal violence.  Andrew Steele was taken to a hospital after the incident, but the nature of his injuries wasn’t reported.  Police were called to the home in Fitchburg Friday at 12:15 p.m. on a report of a man with a gun.  About three hours later, investigators reported the scene was secure. 


A self-help author, convicted in the death of a Milwaukee man and two others, is back to holding seminars again.  James Arthur Ray was leading discussion in Arizona about how to deal with a personal crisis yesterday.  Ray was convicted of three counts of negligent homicide in the sweat lodge ceremony five years ago near Sedona.  James Shore of Milwaukee and two others died.  The cousin of one of the victims says it is an insult for Ray to hold his programs in the state where the deaths occurred.


The state of Wisconsin is holding nearly $440-million worth of unclaimed property.  The Green Bay Packers and former quarterback Brett Favre are among the more well-known names on the list.  Green Bay-based Associated Bank is listed as holding more than one-thousand dollars from the Packers, listing its address as “unknown.”  United Healthcare owes the Packers more than one-thousand dollars because it officially can’t find the professional football team – even though it’s been located in Green Bay for 95 years.  AT&T reports it hasn’t been able to get a response from Favre about two accounts holding money for him.  J.P. Morgan Chase Bank has failed to locate Deanna Favre to return her money, listed as 100 to one-thousand dollars.


The large fishing spider has been spotted again – several times.  The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources says it has received 10 reports this year.  One DNR official says she had actually seen four of the spiders with her own eyes.  The spiders can grow to three inches across, but they’re not harmful to human beings.  They are found near rivers, streams or lakes and can be so aggressive they will hunt small fish or tadpoles.  Scientists report a noticeable increase in sightings, especially the “dark fishing spider,” which is one of six variations of the species. 


Apparently, geese can tell the difference between cardboard dogs and the real thing.  Stevens Point city officials are trying to keep geese off the grassy area in some locations.  When the three black cutouts are erected, those geese usually try to stay 40-to-50 yards away.  The cutouts cost about $20 each.  The city says it is going to make more of the cutouts, while also putting reflective kites up in the limbs of trees.  Other strategies tried in the past include asking people going to the park to use toy “clappers” to make a sound which would scare geese away.