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MINNESOTA NEWS ROUND-UP: Student died from gunshot wound just before graduation

BRECKENRIDGE, Minn. - Authorities say a Minnesota student who disappeared just before graduating from the North Dakota State College of Science in May died from a gunshot wound. 

School officials say Andrew Sadek of Rogers was last seen May 1st and his body was found in late June in the Red River near Breckenridge with a gunshot wound to the head. Sadek had been charged in May with felony drug distribution for allegedly dealing marijuana at the school.  Authorities say the manner of death is still undetermined and police are continuing to investigate.  


The Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis has named the former head of the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension to help lead the ongoing investigation into clergy sexual misconduct.  Administrative law Judge Timothy O'Malley will serve as director of Ministerial Standards and Safe Environment and says he'll hit the ground running.  O'Malley says they'll deal with any new allegations that come in, plus continue providing care and whatever services are needed for those who have survived abuse in the past.  He says they also want to make sure there are no victims in the future.  Following a recommendation by a task force that investigated the way church officials have handled accusations of priest misconduct, the archdiocese is combining all safe environment and ministerial standards programs under one office, which O'Malley will direct.  He says the objective is to combat the kind of misconduct that Pope Francis has, "pointedly described as despicable." 


Roads and airports are expected to be more crowded this Labor Day weekend, with more Minnesotans planning a holiday trip than in the past several years.  Mark Jenkins with AAA says a lot of people will choose to drive this year because of cheaper gas prices, the lowest for Labor Day in four years. ( shows Minnesota's statewide average today is at $3.32, with a low of $3 in Moorhead and a high of $3.99 at a station in Brooklyn Center.  Jenkins says airfares are a little more expensive this year, and so are midrange hotels.


Mayo Clinic president and CEO Doctor John Noseworthy has participated in the now-viral Ice Bucket Challenge to help raise awareness and bring in donations for research into ALS.  On vacation in Canada, Noseworthy challenged three fellow neurologists to join him for a bucket of cold water dumped on their heads.  ALS often begins with muscle twitching and weakness in an arm or leg and sometimes slurring of speech. Eventually, it can affect a patient's ability to control the muscles needed to move, speak, eat and breathe.  ALS can't be cured and eventually leads to death.


The Minnesota State Fair is a place so rich in history that it may not be surprising to some that it's also known to be a popular haunt for ghosts.  From stories of mysterious men sitting on the Grandstand roof to doors opening by themselves, archivist Keri Huber has heard it all.  She says it's not just human spirits:  There have been reports of a phantom pig in a pen and when people have tried to take photos, it doesn't show up.  They've even heard a squeal, she says.  Huber says some buildings at the State Fair are over 100 years old, so there are a lot of stories to tell.  She says you shouldn't worry though -- it's all in good fun, and they don't appear to pose a threat to anyone.