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MINNESOTA NEWS ROUND-UP: St. Paul police kill suspect in confrontation

ST. PAUL -  Saint Paul police shot and killed a suspect during a confrontation this morning near a gas station on the city's West Side. 

Police haven't released details but say the officer was not injured.  The Minneapolis Star-Tribune quotes a witness who says the suspect was throwing rocks, punched an officer, then charged another officer who fired his weapon three times, killing the suspect.  It's not known whether the man had a weapon.


A Wisconsin woman who was driving on a learner's permit from Minnesota has been sentenced to two years in jail for killing a toddler while backing out of a driveway in Wausau, Wisconsin four years ago when she was 17.  Shanice Stands, who's now 21, was also put on five years probation with a long list of conditions -- and if she doesn't follow them, she'll go to prison for three-to-eight years.  Stands was leaving a driveway in September of 2010 when she ran over a three-year-old boy, who died later that night at the hospital.  Prosecutors say Stands was high on marijuana and did not have a driver's license -- only a Minnesota learner's permit.  Stands pleaded guilty to negligent homicide and driving while on drugs.  Other charges were dropped in a plea deal.


A northeastern Minnesota man is under arrest after leading authorities on a chase early this morning in a stolen car.  The St. Louis County Sheriff's Office says the pursuit started when the suspect vehicle drove off without paying for gas at a station in Pike Lake.  The driver fled from a deputy in the Independence Township area before another officer forced the car off the road.  The vehicle was reported stolen in Superior, Wisconsin August 10th and the license plate was taken from a similar car overnight in Duluth.  The 54-year-old Meadowlands man is jailed awaiting charges.  


An end-of-summer survey shows increased occupancy and revenue for the majority of Minnesota lodging properties.  Explore Minnesota Tourism director John Edman says that's a bit surprising, considering summer's late start and flooding.  Edman says 48 percent reported summer occupancy was up and 58-percent cited increased revenues compared to summer 2013.  He says overall people said it was a pretty good summer -- kind of a scary start but things turned around for all regions throughout the state.  Tourism is a $12.5 billion dollar industry in Minnesota.


A new poll shows a strong bipartisan majority of Minnesota voters support investments in U.S. energy infrastructure across-the-board -- not just renewables.  The American Petroleum Institute commissioned the survey, and Minnesota Petroleum Council executive director Erin Roth says 84 percent of Minnesota respondents support increased development of infrastructure, including pipelines, rail, bridges, and the like.  He says that very strong percentage cuts across party lines, with Republicans coming in a little bit ahead of Democrats, but still a vast majority of voters.  Roth adds 80 percent of Minnesota registered voters surveyed support increased production of domestic oil and natural gas, including opening the door to offshore drilling.