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Schneider National looking to put vets in the driver's seat

Green Bay-based Schneider National has launched a new program aimed at getting more veterans on the road as trucking owner-operators.

Schneider launched the Schneider National Veterans Owner-Operator program in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Under the program, Schneider will provide former military personnel with the training, mentoring and financial incentives, and purchasing power necessary to become an owner-operator trucker.

"Service men and women are dedicated, team players who get the job done," said Mark Rourke, president, Schneider National Truckload. "Many share Schneider's core values and have done work that sets them up for success as professional truck drivers and business owners.

Rourke added that by becoming an owner-operator with Schneider, veterans are able to work as their own boss with a company that respects and values their past experience and is committed to safety and their ongoing success.

Under the agreement with the Schneider-VA agreement veterans can use their GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost of commercial drivers' license training at Schneider's Driver Training Academies.

In addition, Schneider will work closely with vets to provide technical support so they are able to become owner-operators six months sooner than prospective owner-operators with no military background.

"Clearly, Schneider knows the value of what veterans bring to the table: perseverance, teamwork and a keen ability to get the job done right. Plus, this program certainly falls in line with our objective of helping veterans successfully transition from military to civilian life," said Scott Denniston, director of the VA's Center for Veterans Enterprise.

Veterans interested in learning more about Schneider's Veterans Owner-Operator Program should contact 1-800-44-PRIDE or visit