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Homicide investigation underway after woman's body found by deer hunters

A woman's body found partially-submerged in a frozen creek in Fond du Lac County is being treated as a homicide - but nobody knows for sure yet.

Three deer hunters found the badly-decomposed body on Sunday in a wooded area near Campbellsport.

The land recently changed hands, but the new owner told sheriff's deputies he couldn't see the partially-clothed body through a trail where he just put up a pole-building.

The woman's identity is a mystery. She's called "Jane Doe" for now.

Sheriff Mick Fink says no one has been reported missing in Fond du Lac or surrounding counties. And he doubts the body is that of Laurie Depies, a Menasha woman who vanished in 1992 and was never seen since.

Fink said the medical examiner is looking at the remains and hopes the findings will confirm something in the national crime investigative records.

A detective was assigned Monday to handle inquiries from other agencies looking to solve missing persons' cases.

Several departments called Monday, including one from Minneapolis.