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Obama picks Cameron Davis as Great Lakes czar

President Obama has picked a Midwest conservationist to be the administration's point man for a clean-up of the Great Lakes.

Cameron Davis was named yesterday as the first-ever Great Lakes czar.

He's currently the head of the Alliance for the Great Lakes.

In his new job, Davis will coordinate federal programs to clean up the Great Lakes and prevent more invasive species from coming in.

The new post was part of Obama's campaign promise to make the restoration of the Great Lakes a national issue.

It was part of the president's 10-year, $5 billion clean-up plan he unveiled last fall.

In February, Obama proposed $475 million in the next federal budget for the first projects in that clean-up plan.

It's still pending in Congress.

The board chairman for the Great Lakes Alliance, Jack Bails, praised Obama's nomination. He said Davis has spent 23 years putting the health of the Great Lakes on the national radar with a strong passion and commitment.

George Kuper of the Council of Great Lakes Industries says the region needs someone like Davis to promote the lakes in Washington.

Officially, Davis will be a senior adviser to EPA administrator Lisa Jackson.