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Apostle Islands rangers require groups to pack privies

Groups that bring hikers and kayakers to the Apostle Islands are now required to bring their own privies.

The Apostle Islands National Lakeshore near Bayfield has some of its rangers on poop-patrol this summer.

But it's not animals they're after - it's humans.

Park Superintendent Bob Krumanaker says the problem is most noticeable at a remote beach near the sea caves on the mainland. He says there have been a fair number of complaints about human waste on the beach - and in the woods above the beach.

So this summer, Krumanaker says those who bring in groups for hiking and kayaking will have to pack their own privies.

He says it's just a price for going into the back-country, and he's optimistic that folks will get used to it. Those who go alone don't have to pack their own potties.