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Feingold supports effort to include motorcycles in Cash-for-Clunkers vouchers

Those Cash-for-Clunkers vouchers that encourage folks to buy fuel-efficient cars would also include motorcycles under a new bill in Congress.

The House last week approved cash vouchers of up to $4,500 for those trading in old cars with less than 18 mpg, so they can buy new cars with at least 22 mpg.

Now, Pennsylvania Senate Democrat Bob Casey wants to add motorcycles in the program. He says it's only right, since bikes get up to 60 mpg. Casey was going to bat for the Harley-Davidson plant in York, Penn., and it would also benefit Harley's headquarters and plants in the Milwaukee and Tomahawk areas.

Wisconsin Senate Democrat Russ Feingold agrees that motorcycles should be included. He said it would help Harley employees at a time when its sales are down dramatically.

But Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Janesville, says he disapproves of the whole Cash-for-Clunkers concept. He says it's wrong to make people subsidize their neighbors' purchase of a new car or motorcycle, especially if they're not in a position to get the same break themselves.

Ryan says folks ought to ask if the government should "micro-manage consumer purchases."