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Twin Cities rank 17th in Forbes metro stress ranking

Wisconsin's largest city is about average when it comes to being stressed out. Milwaukee ranks 23rd in Forbes Magazine's new list of the 40 most stressful U.S. metro areas.

On the plus side, home sellers are not losing their shirts since the year-to-year median home price dropped less than 7 percent.

That ranks Milwaukee fourth-best among the 40 metros.

It also scores well with air quality, which is the 29th best.

But the study says a low number of sunny days is stressful for Milwaukeeans - only 190 sunny days in 2007.

And the city is the 11th worst for population density.

Milwaukee is tied with St. Louis on the stress scale.

Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York are the first, second, and third worst in that order.

The Minneapolis-Saint Paul metro, which includes part of far western Wisconsin, is the 17th most stressful among the 40 on the Forbes list.