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Wisconsin Hispanic leaders disagree with boycott of upcoming census

A national Hispanic clergy group wants immigrants to boycott next year's U.S. census.

They say it will pressure Congress into passing major immigration reform or else it will force cities and states to go without the federal aid they'd get if the immigrants were counted in the census.

In Wisconsin, 3.6 percent of the state's population is foreign-born.

Christine Neumann-Ortiz of a Milwaukee immigrant rights group would rather see those people counted.

Ortiz says she sympathizes with the boycott's goals, but not counting Hispanics would hurt legal immigrants who could benefit from the government programs the federal aid provides.

Many Hispanic groups have led a national campaign to get Latinos counted in the next census. They say many illegal immigrants fear being exposed and eventually deported.

Neumann-Ortiz and other officials say the census will not ask about a person's legal status, so they have nothing to fear in being counted.