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County, village reach pact on utility work

The Pierce County Board voted last week to provide the Village of Ellsworth with a permanent easement for a sewer main across county-owned property north of the recycling center.

The work will extend utilities to development in the southwest quadrant of Hwy. 65 and Crosstown Road.

Administrative Coordinator Curt Kephart said while county supervisors didn't link north side development with downtown zoning, some indicated if the village doesn't allow the county to expand its facilities downtown, the county may have to review its plans for its northern property with an eye toward expanding there.

"This has been one of the smoothest discussions we've had with anybody and it's been a delight to work with you," Supervisor Rich Purdy, River Falls, told village representatives as the county board voted.

Other utility work on county land would be construction of a street connecting Hwy. 65 to Overlook Drive--with about half the right-of-way on county land and the other half on development property--and extension of water main from the Highlands subdivision at Overlook Drive.

Kephart said the understanding is there will be no cost to the county, which will also recoup nearly $30,000 spent for utility work when the county built its facility.

The county board met in closed session with village representatives a month ago to discuss the easements. Following that meeting, two members of the county's building committee and Kephart met with village Zoning Administrator Greg Engeset.

According to a summary memo prepared by Kephart, Engeset agreed to county supervisors' request the sewer line be placed as close as possible to the edge of the hill alongside the trees.

Some supervisors were also concerned some parts of the county property might become outlots with no road access. But, said Kephart, Engeset explained the roads were designed to provide access to both ends of the county property.