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From behind bars Milwaukee alderman wins primary

Despite being in jail for almost nine months, Milwaukee Alderman Michael McGee junior easily won a nine-way primary for his seat.

He picked up 32 percent of the vote Tuesday.

Attorney Milele Coggs finished second with 22 percent, and the two will square off in the general election April 1.

Former Alderman Fred Gordon was among those eliminated, along with Vi Anna Jordan - who organized a recall election against McGee last year.

Among other things, McGee is charged with paying people to vote for him in that contest.

He also faces a host of state and federal charges that accuse him of extorting money from businesses in exchange for city favors, and conspiring to have a burglar beaten up.

McGee is due to stand trial May 19 in state court. His federal trial date has not been set.

If he's convicted in either case, McGee would have to resign.