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Veterans Day ceremonies and exhibits planned across state

It's Veterans Day and ceremonies will be held throughout Wisconsin to honor those who've served our country.

In Brown County, veterans can take advantage of more than two dozen free and discounted items at stores and restaurants.

The county Veterans' Recognition Subcommittee worked with the businesses to arrange the gestures. They include everything from meal discounts to free movies and bowling.

In Madison, the Wisconsin Veterans' Museum helps people connect with history by asking the right questions of relatives and friends who are veterans.

They also provide displays and other features that highlight the service of Wisconsin veterans from the Civil War through Iraq.

Curator Jennifer Carlson said 100,000 visitors went through the museum last year, including 30,000 school kids. Those numbers are up from recent years.

Carlson says fourth- and fifth-grade students will visit the museum because their curriculum includes Wisconsin history, and they'll often tour the Veterans' Museum when they visit the nearby State Capitol.