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State AG drops voter registration lawsuit against Govt. Accountability Board

Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen has dropped his lawsuit against the state's Government Accountability Board.

He says he's now convinced that the agency will do what he wanted and double-check the registrations of voters who have signed up since the start of 2006.

Thursday, the board agreed to have its staff review those registrations from May through the end of November.

Local clerks were expected to get that job, but they won't.

Last fall, the Accountability Board told local clerks they'd only have to review registrations since last August when the state's computerized voter list went fully online.

Thousands of people had discrepancies in their various state records.

Van Hollen and Republicans cited possible fraud. But board members and Democrats said it was more likely that the non-matches were caused by typing errors or a Rebecca who calls herself Becky on one document and not another.

Those people would have had to cast provisional ballots last November, but Democrats said it would have caused massive lines at the polls, thus discouraging people from voting.

A judge agreed and dropped Van Hollen's lawsuit. But the attorney general appealed.

A board staff member said there were no fraud investigations resulting from the mismatched voter data.