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Doyle cuts funding for clean sweep programs

The governor's budget would cut state funds for the program that keeps hazardous chemicals out of our landfills.

Spokesman Lee Sensenbrenner said it was really hard for Gov. Jim Doyle to cut $1 million in state grants for Wisconsin's Clean Sweep programs. But with the rough economy, Sensenbrenner said the state must look at a lot of ways to save money.

There are about 40 programs around Wisconsin which pick up things like pesticides, paint, solvents and chemical-laden appliances like TVs.

They're shipped off to licensed chemical dumps out of state, at a cost of thousands for each program.

Rock County says it will spend local tax dollars for a planned expansion of its pick-ups, but there will only be two each year instead of four.

Jefferson County plans to limit its collections to 100 people at a time.

Dane County hopes its program with Madison will not be affected. A spokesman says the county hopes to get at least some of the shortfall covered by federal economic stimulus money.

State official Lori Bowman says it's not clear what the environmental impact will be. She says at least some chemicals will probably end up in landfills.