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Harley-Davidson starts subsidiary in India, dealerships possible

Wisconsin Harleys will be roaring in India next year.

The Milwaukee motorcycle company has started a subsidiary near Delhi - and it's looking for dealership locations in several major cities.

India is world's second-largest motorcycle market. But Harley never jumped in because the tariffs are so high.

India has a 60 percent tariff on foreign bikes, along with taxes of around 30 percent.

U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold went to bat for Harley this summer, by asking the Obama administration to set up a trade swap in which India would export mangoes into the U.S. in exchange for Harleys.

Feingold said Harley just wanted a level playing field. The tariff never went away.

But Harley's president, Matthew Levatich, said it's a great time to enter the market because India's economy and infrastructure are growing rapidly.

Harley-Davidson says it will export motorcycles and various riding gear to India, and then evaluate sales to determine the best ways to serve the market.