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Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said president didn't squeeze him to run for governor

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett met with President Obama for a couple of minutes in Madison Wednesday.

And Barrett said they did not bring up the question of whether he'll run for governor next year.

Barrett has not denied reports that the White House wants him to run and the state Republican Party said the underlying goal of Obama's visit Wednesday was to get Barrett going on a campaign.

The mayor received loud applause from the audience when he took his seat for Obama's speech at Wright Middle School, and at least one person shouted "governor."

Barrett says he's still working though family and political issues.

He was expected to announce this month whether he'll run.

State Democratic director Mike Tate said the party would probably have a candidate up and running by the end of November.

There's no one in the fold right now, after Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton stepped aside last week.

Meanwhile, Republicans questioned Obama's ability to help Democratic candidates, after the GOP scored strong election victories for governor in Virginia and New Jersey on Tuesday.

Former Congressman Mark Neumann, one of the two major Republican hopefuls for Wisconsin governor, said voters showed anger against the government.

GOP candidate Scott Walker said the voters showed their concerns about the economy and their personal freedoms.