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Run short at fair? Just use your PIN

This year, Pierce County fairgoers who run out of cash won't have to leave the grounds to get more.

Friday, the Finance and Personnel Committee voted to allow a company to set up an ATM on the fairgrounds.

"It's been a requested feature for many years," said Fair Coordinator Ann Webb. She said fair organizers finally found a company willing to bring in the machine for the few days of the fair for a nominal charge.

The county will stock the machine with cash and receive $1.25 from each $2.75-per-transaction fee. The company is charging $300 to rent the machine, and that money will come from the fair budget, said Webb.

People who run out of cash and leave the grounds to get more usually don't come back, said Kirstin Schilling, vice chairwoman of the fair committee.

"This is a trial year. We are trying to keep people on the grounds," agreed Fair Committee Member Greg Kerr.

Fair committee members said the machine will mean more money will be spent on the grounds and that's good for the vendors and the fair.

The money withdrawn from the machine will be repaid to the county each night, said Schilling. She said the company will be responsible for any losses.

The fair will be held Aug. 11-14 at the fairgrounds in Ellsworth.