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EPD incidents kept increasing in 2005

An increasing number of incidents kept Ellsworth Police Department officers even busier last year than in 2004, according to the EPD's 2005 annual report.

The report shows there were 3,432 offenses recorded in '05. That compares with 3,281 calls to the department in '04.

Enforcement of traffic laws demands much of the officers' time, Police Chief Greg Place wrote in the report. Bad checks continue to thrive and gas drive-offs are becoming more frequent, Place stated.

An injured officer meant others on the force had to work harder.

"Ellsworth Police Department officers once more 'stepped up to the plate' when a battery to a police officer occurred, causing one of our officers to be off work for quite some time in 2005," the chief wrote. "Sharing shifts and responsibilities of the injured officer, department staff maintained 24-hour protection for village residents."

Place indicated the EPD has adopted a new mission statement, which reads in part: "The mission of the Ellsworth Police Department is to enhance the quality of life in the Village of Ellsworth by working cooperatively with the public to enforce the law, preserve the peace, reduce the fear of crime and provide for a safe environment."

One hundred thirty-eight types of incidents were recorded last year. Burglaries accounted for 14 of these, including three residential/forced and two non-residential/forced. Disorderly conduct offenses totaled 54, among them 32 fights and disturbances. Thefts numbered 86, with 12 being from vehicles and 10 retail/shoplifting. One hundred twenty traffic accidents were tallied, 57 of which involved property damage, 10 involving personal injury and 15 of a hit-and-run nature.

Other significant offenses and their totals were: aggravated assaults, two; animal bites, two; buy, receive, possess stolen property, one; criminal damage to property/vandalism, 46; domestic disturbances, 21; drug paraphernalia possession, 14; drug possession, eight; emergency detention/detox, 34; EMS calls, 93; fire calls, 12; motor vehicle thefts, two; operating vehicle while intoxicated, 41; other sex offenses, 10; simple assaults, four; trespassing, six; underage drinking-adults, 13; underage drinking-minors, seven; and weapon violation-illegal discharge, one.

The category with the most offenses was parking violations at 312. Next highest was traffic warnings at 308, followed by investigation/take reports at 212. Alarm calls amounted to 63, including 49 at businesses.