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Pittman arranging Stones concert at Kansas college

PLUM CITY--A 1994 Plum City High School graduate is making arrangements for an appearance this Sunday by "The Rolling Stones" at Wichita (Kan.) University.

Brad Pittman is preparing for a concert by the famed 1960s rock group in his job as assistant athletic director for the college. Pittman said Wednesday the group originally contacted him last year about performing at the school then, but available dates didn't work out. They contacted him again this spring and he began planning for the event once contract details were finalized.

"Mainly, it's been about ticket sales, setting prices and providing for their special needs, like equipment," he said, noting the famous visitors have their own private jet and are expected to fly out immediately after they appear.

The evening concert, which will feature an opening band followed by the Stones' approximately two-hour performance, will be held in the university's football stadium, he said. It has 35,000 seats and tickets accounting for around three-quarters of its capacity have already been sold.

"I'm hoping for a sell-out," he said.

That well exceeds the size of events he's previously been involved with there, the largest of which was perhaps 5,000 people, Pittman said. He's been responsible for smaller concerts by names such as Tracy Lawrence and "Journey," as well as sports competition, mostly basketball tournaments. These have largely happened without glitches, avoiding problems including power outages or severe weather.

"That's why you go through the preparation process," he said.

The son of Mike and Darla Pittman of Plum City said he's been in his present position since 2004. He attended UW-La Crosse for his undergraduate degree in sports administration and masters degree, which he received in 1999. He interned in the athletic department at the University of Iowa before becoming facilities director for athletics at Western Kentucky University. Event organizer wasn't part of any of his earlier positions, he said.

Pittman and his wife Emily have two children: Sam, age seven, and Camryn, five.