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Businesses team to help in breast cancer fight

Three Ellsworth businesses have teamed to help fund the fight against breast cancer during Breast Cancer Awareness Month this month.

Bobby Lee's, Curves and BoJo's Creations are combining efforts in a promotion offered by Syndicate Sales Company, a hard goods supplier to the local flower shop. Florist and owner Bob Larson said Wednesday a portion of profits from the sale of special vases made available by the supplier will be donated to this "Think Pink" campaign.

"Breast cancer touches so many people," Larson said, indicating the three businesses have employed people who've had the cancer, members of their families have had it and others they know have had it.

For each vase sold, Syndicate Sales will donate $1 and BoJo's will donate 10 percent to the cause, he said. Additionally, the local florist is providing a 10 percent discount to buyers. The sales must be local to qualify, however, not for vases containing flowers to be sent elsewhere by wire services.

Further incentives to buy floral arrangements in these vases are being given by the other businesses, Larson said. Curves in Ellsworth is providing two weeks of workouts at their east end location for free with each vase purchase, while Bobby Lee's is giving a gift certificate with each to be redeemed at the west end restaurant. All of the offers are good through Oct. 31.

The vases come in four sizes based on price, ranging from $35 to $65, he said. There are "recipes" for the contents of each, though buyers aren't limited to those specific flowers.

Funds from the vase sales go to the Caring Solution Breast Cancer Awareness program, Larson said. He encouraged people to not only buy them for those with cancer, but "anyone you care about" because everyone's affected. Even men can get breast cancer, he added, citing a statistic showing 17 percent of the patients in the U.S. last year were men.

"It used to be 'what am I going to do if I get cancer?'" he said, "now it's not 'if,' it's 'when'."

He urged the public to have regular medical exams. This is the first time the vase sale has been held here as a collective effort and he hoped it will be successful enough to become an annual event, perhaps involving more businesses.