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Budget finalized by school board

The 2006-07 budget was finalized by the Ellsworth School Board Monday.

An ending fund balance projected for '06-'07 that's slightly more than the estimate presented at the annual meeting in August was among the adjustments, according to Superintendent Dan Kaler. The projection is now $2,863,610, as compared to a balance of $2,984,940 to end'05-'06.

In the budget for the coming year approved by the board Monday, revenues total $15,714,928, while total expenses are $15,836,258. Those numbers compare with revenues which had been estimated at $15,772,781 and expenditures at $15,932,258 at this August's annual meeting.

The property tax levy totals $6,632,755 in the finalized budget, down from $6,675,461 at annual meeting time. The final levy represents a 2.58 percent change in dollars from the $6,465,777 total levy of 2005-06. The mill rate for '06-'07 is 7.78, a 5.93 percent decrease from the 8.27 mill rate in the '05-'06 budget.

The revenue cap in the budget approved Monday amounts to $14,846,847, as compared to $14,554,600 in the '05-'06 version. State equalization aid for this year's budget totals $9,715,700, while the aid total was $9,484,108 in '05-'06.

"The financial officers at the DPI checked over this budget and found it to be satisfactory," Kaler said, referring to personnel at the state's Department of Public Instruction. He also said several other area superintendents examined the local budget as well, in the interest of having "extra sets of eyes," and supported it.