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Hansen to use Powerball winnings to pay bills

The winner of a $20,000 Power Play drawing in the Wisconsin State Lottery earlier this month plans to use his winnings to pay bills.

Kerry Hansen said Wednesday he's won smaller lottery prizes ranging from $60 to $90 before, but never "anything big." Although he's played the lottery for a long time, it's happened more consistently in the last six months, when he developed a set of numbers.

"I grabbed them out of the sky," he said about his selection process.

The machinist who works in St. Paul checked the winning numbers the morning after he bought his ticket for the drawing Jan. 12 at Speedway in Ellsworth and learned he'd won, he said. He claimed the prize on Jan. 20.

Since his success with the state lottery Powerball's Power Play option, in which a multiplier applied, Hansen said he's been congratulated by many people.

"An old neighbor of mine called me out of the blue," he said.

The winner said he's lived in Ellsworth for the past six years. His family includes wife Stacy, three-year-old twins and a seven-year-old.

When he bought his ticket, Hansen chose the Power Play option, meaning he paid an extra $1 to be entered in a separate drawing. So while the prize would have been $10,000, a multiplier was applied (in this case, 2) and the amount was doubled to $20,000. The winning numbers for the Jan. 13 drawing were 01, 21, 23, 25 and 26, and the Powerball was 04 besides the multiplier being 2.

Hansen said he expects to play in the lottery again in the future.