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Maiden Rock gutter company skyrockets after 7 years in business

MAIDEN ROCK --- Bruce Andrews was a truck driver for 25 years before deciding to give it up in 2000.

He wanted to do something different and deciding to go into the gutter business would qualify as that.

"There were no gutter companies at the time when I started," the Maiden Rock native said. "I taught myself everything I know."

Now, seven years later, it's safe to say that knowledge has paid off.

"In 2006, we've had our best year," he said, referring to his business, Seamless Gutters. "We've increased our business by 58 percent from 2005."

As a result, his clientele area is rapidly expanding. Included in that list are Pierce, Pepin, St. Croix and Buffalo counties in Wisconsin, along with Goodhue and Wabasha counties in Minnesota.

Andrews explained the business skyrocketed in 2004, when he increased his advertising, courtesy of flyers, inserts, direct mail and paid advertisements in the Herald and other Rivertown Newspapers in the area.

"I just wanted to get the word out to get more jobs," he explained. Ever since then, that's worked, as "our business has gone up every year since."

Andrews' staff, which includes his son Jeremy, Rob Ratckee and Sam Pasanti, specializes in Seamless Gutters, Gutter Helmet, PolarBlox along with Soffit and Fascia. Most of his work revolves around Gutter Helmet, as Andrews is the exclusive dealer of that product to this area. (Last month, Andrews received an award in Florida from the Gutter Helmet corporation for his increase of Gutter Helmet sales in 2006.)

How Gutter Helmet works is that, as rain falls onto a roof, Gutter Helmet's ribbed design slows and spreads water, which makes it flow easier into the gutters. As various forms of debris land on the roof, they won't get into the gutter, as its nose will allow those to fall to the ground.

Furthermore, the Gutter Helmet nose extends past the edge of the gutter, eliminating all vertical openings and, at the same time, its 3/8'' horizontal gap handles the heaviest rains but keeps out the animals and debris. In addition, Gutter Helmet's Perma Life coating will not fade or chalk and isn't affected by corrosive acid rain.

And for the overall looks of the gutter, its Clean Edge system will keep the gutter stain-free and its Snap Lock system, in which no screws, nails or spikes penetrate the back of the gutter, prevents sagging, buckling and wood rot. The Snap Lock also gives the gutter a square, straight appearance and it allows for increased ventilation.

Besides the features mentioned, Gutter Helmet can be installed over new or existing gutters, it can also direct rain water away from the home and it's lifetime guaranteed.

One of the main features Andrews talked about in relation to his business is making sure what works best for the customer.

"We want to educate them on what we offer and to show the difference between us and the other companies," he said.

To go along with that, he mentioned his staff is fully insured, which means if there's an accident on-site, the homeowner isn't at fault.

For more information, call Seamless Gutters at (715) 448-2200 or visit .

Jason Schulte

Jason Schulte is a reporter for the New Richmond News since February 2015. Prior to that he spent eight years at the Pierce County Herald in Ellsworth. His duties with the News will include covering news out of Hammond and Roberts along with action from St. Croix County court system. He lives in Roberts. 

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