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Web Exclusive: Trumpeter mediation fails; special Pierce Co. board meeting canceled

A special Pierce County Board meeting set for Monday to discuss the Trumpeter Development lawsuit was canceled because a mediation session was not successful, a board spokesman said.

The suit involves a county-imposed delay for parts of a 700-acre residential development near Prescott.

The parties participated in a mediation session May 2. Corporation Counsel Brad Lawrence said the May 7 special meeting was scheduled in the event mediation resulted in anything that needed County Board attention, but it didn't.

Lawrence said action on a county motion was stayed when the parties agreed to mediate the case. He expects the judge will act on that motion now.

In a stipulation filed in February, the county and Trumpeter Development agreed to defer further court action while they pursued mediation. They said they would try to complete mediation by June 30.

According to court records, a telephone status conference is set for July 9 with Trempealeau County Judge John Damon, who has been assigned the case.

In the 1990s. Pierce County's Land Management Committee approved certified survey maps for some of the Trumpeter lots but delayed approving some of the lots, attempting to convince Trumpeter to dedicate 70 acres for a public park in the Mississippi/Big River area.

The court eventually ruled that the county couldn't force Trumpeter to turn over park land. In the lawsuit filed in September 2002, Trumpeter is asking for income it allegedly lost during the time it was prevented from marketing its lots and for punitive damages.