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Grand marshal kept El Paso Days going

EL PASO --- Adolph Johnson's independent thinking continues to influence the El Paso Days celebration.

It was Johnson who got the celebration going again when there was some talk of ending it around 1990, organizer Merlin Blaisdell said Thursday. Although the festival had been revived not long before, its future was uncertain.

"When Adolph got involved, he gave it a real home-town-type of feeling," Blaisdell said about Johnson's sponsoring the now-annual horse pull.

The Spring Valley area native wanted to keep doing the pull, as well as the entire weekend, his friend said. At the end of his first pull, once the lightweights were done, he announced to the crowd, "we'll see you next year." Afterward, Blaisdell reminded Johnson it was supposed to have been the last celebration, to which he responded he planned to bring back the pull anyway. As it turned out, all the festivities returned.

He's still following his own mind as parade grand marshal for this year's celebration, Aug. 17-19. Traditionally, the marshal rides in a convertible and, though Blaisdell has assured him such a vehicle will be available to him on Sunday, Aug. 19, he's arranged different transportation, he said. Shirley Roatch has agreed to loan the use of a "mule," a four-wheeler with a box on the back.

Read more in the print version of the Herald Aug. 8.