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Bay City production latest to target meth epidemic

BAY CITY --- Educate while entertaining is the idea behind the productions of Taproot, Inc., in Bay City.

The latest, released this fall, targets the methamphetamine epidemic in this country. "Northern Lights: Shining the Light on the Meth-edemic" has been three years in the making, according to information from Linda Flanders, Taproot CEO.

Billed as an "original documentary starring an entire town," it features a performance involving those affected most. The CD and its related content have been prepared as a motivational package available for communities to replicate, along with exhibition rights for their local cable access channels. It comes complete with a "how to" booklet so other communities can create their own versions.

"Instead of making a documentary about the experts and telling about the problem, we translated the interviews into stories and had our community star in their own stage performance," Flanders is quoted as saying. The CD was previewed in time for National Methamphetamine Awareness Day this Friday.

Read more in the print version of the Herald Nov. 28.