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Road jobs planned all ways from Ellsworth 'hub'

ELLSWORTH, Wis. -- Most any way the compass points will motorists find road construction projects if they head out of Ellsworth this year.

The Pierce County Highway Department has five major road jobs lined up for the coming season, according to Construction Superintendent Jim Harris. They're located in rural areas surrounding the village (in the county's "hub") from as far as southeast of Plum City to as near as west of the El Paso business and residential district.

All five upgrades focus on the roadways, not bridges or other structures. Harris said Thursday their scheduling is subject to changes in weather, soil and like conditions, and at least one well-known expense could affect the results.

"Depending on oil prices, some of the paving projects may have to be scaled back," he said, indicating officials won't have a better idea of those prices until next month.

Read more in the print version of the Pierce County Herald Feb. 6.