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Veteran land surveyor opens business near Ellsworth

ELLSWORTH, Wis. -- When the time came for him to choose a career, Brandon King followed his cousin's example by becoming a land surveyor.

The St. Francis, Minn., native eventually worked for that cousin's surveying business in Colorado, he said Wednesday. But first, he was in the employ of others--in military service taking him to places such as Korea, and in his chosen occupation, which eventually led him to the Red Wing area.

This year, King embarked on a venture of his own, offering land surveyor services from his Town of Rock Elm home.

"I especially like to work with homeowners," he said, whether they have property line issues, want to build or sell to their children, for example.

The average effort for a homeowner lasts around a day, he estimated. Contractors, attorneys and even municipalities are among the surveyor's other clients. Last week, he had a condominium project underway, was involved with a small subdivision and was working on a park survey.

"We do layouts for improvements...roads, buildings, tunnels or bridges," he said about the profession.

Many of his contacts are done over the phone, King said, though he's willing to meet with customers in person. He usually does research at the nearest courthouse, then spends perhaps half his time on a job at a client's site and in the surrounding area, while accomplishing the other half at his home office.

"My work is evenly split between the indoors and the outdoors," he said. While there's demand year-around, he finds he's particularly busy in early spring and late fall, with a lull often occurring in mid-summer.

Kind said he knew he'd either someday buy an employer's enterprise or own his own. His past employment has been preparing him to go independent.

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