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Wisconsin in spotlight today as voters head to polls

Wisconsin will have its say in the presidential race today and it's a lot bigger than the pundits first predicted.

A relatively high 35 percent of voters will decide a primary that many thought would be decided by now.

Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are scrapping for every delegate they can get.

Republican Mike Huckabee remains a conservative thorn in the side of front-runner John McCain.

The Public Policy Polling group has Obama with a 13-point lead nationally, and McCain with an 18-point edge.

Both are also favored here, but polling in Wisconsin is especially difficult. That's because of our open primary, in which voters can choose their preferred party or put a monkey wrench into the other one by secretly voting there.

You probably won't see a dramatic drop out tomorrow, like Howard Dean four years ago.

But today's momentum - or lack of it - will still be crucial to all four candidates.

Obama is going for his ninth straight win today, while Clinton hopes to prop up a sagging campaign in time for even bigger delegate prizes March 4 in Texas and Ohio.

By spending five days in Wisconsin, Huckabee hopes to surprise McCain who made just a couple appearances here.

Obama spent 11 days in Wisconsin and he returned late last night. Clinton decided to spend an extra day in the state, after bad weather postponed her out-state appearances Sunday.

All polls close at 8 p.m.