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Open enrollment interest mixed for schools in outlying Pierce County

ELLSWORTH, Wis.--The amount of activity in the state's open enrollment program for area school districts last month was mixed.

Officials in four districts have reported the numbers of students from elsewhere who've applied to enter their districts for the 2008-09 term beginning this fall. They've also indicated how many intend to leave.

However, several say the figures are tentative; one official explained the program is in transition regarding applications being made online or on paper, so none can be considered finalized. Yet, the information was as complete last week as they'd been made aware.

As in the past, the applications represent requests and must be acted upon by the various school boards. The statewide application period was from Feb 4 to 22. Open enrollment activity affects funding received from the state, among other factors.

Two of four districts in this area had less overall activity than last year at this time, while the two others had more activity. The following applications were reported:

--Ellsworth, a total of 15 students transferring in, including five from River Falls, four from Prescott, two each from Spring Valley and Hudson, and one each from Plum City and Elmwood. This compares with 18 applications to enter this past fall last year at this time.

There's a total of 51 students transferring out, including 18 to River Falls, 11 to Plum City, seven each to Prescott and North Ozaukee, four to Waukesha and two to Grantsburg (the last three are online schools). This compares with 50 students planning to transfer out last year at this time.

--Elmwood, a total of 30 students transferring in, including 17 from Menomonie, seven from Durand, four from Plum City and two from Spring Valley. This compares with 14 applications to enter this past fall last year at this time. A total of six students intend to transfer out for the coming fall, as compared to nine intending to do likewise last year at this time.

--Plum City, a total of 43 students transferring in, including 15 each from Durand and Pepin, 11 from Ellsworth, two from Spring Valley and one from Elmwood. This compares with 28 applications to enter this past fall last year at this time. Sixteen students planned to transfer out, including six to Elmwood, four to Spring Valley, two each to Durand and Pepin, and one each to Ellsworth and a virtual school. This compares with one student who indicated a transfer out this past fall one year ago.

--Spring Valley, a total of 10 students transferring in, from four districts including Elmwood, Glenwood City, Menomonie and Plum City. This compares with 15 students expecting to enter this past fall last year at this time. Those intending to transfer out total 10, to districts including Elmwood, Glenwood City, Grantsburg, Menomonie, North Ozaukee and River Falls.

Read more in the print version of the Pierce County Herald March 12.