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Board considers 2.5 percent hikes for officials

The Pierce County Finance and Personnel Committee is recommending 2.5 percent increases for three elected officials for each of the four years of their new terms.

The county clerk, treasurer and register of deeds positions are up for election this fall. New terms will start Jan. 1, 2009.

The current salary for each of the jobs is $50,121. If the committee recommendation is adopted when the county board meets in April, the new salaries will be $51,374 for 2009; $52,658 for 2010; $53,974 for 2011; and $55,323 for 2012.

This fall will be first time the three positions are elected to four-year terms.

Supervisor Pamela Sans indicated that, when salaries were set in 2006, the sheriff and clerk of court were given only one percent increases for 2009 and 2010.

At the time, county board members debated giving any raises because of anticipated budget shortfalls.

Traditionally, the salaries for the clerk of courts, treasurer, county clerk and register of deeds have been the same. But the clerk of court's salary will be $50,622 in 2009 and $51,128 in 2010.

"That doesn't seem right," said Sans.

"We were concerned about that," said Finance Committee Member Rich Purdy of the raise rate inequity between the clerk of courts' pay and the other elected positions.

Purdy said the intent will be "to do some catch-up" in 2010.

The elected officials are offered the same health insurance plan and other fringe benefits as other non-union county workers.