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Congresswoman tries to stop deportation of UW-Madison student

U.S. Rep Gwen Moore, Wis., is going to bat for a University of Wisconsin-Madison pharmacy student who's supposed to be deported.

The Milwaukee Democrat has asked immigration officials to let Tope Awe, 22, stay in the country, at least until she can get her degree next year.

Awe moved to Milwaukee from Nigeria when she was three.

Visas were approved several times for travel and for her father's medical treatment. But Awe's father was rejected for asylum in 1999, and final deportation orders were issued in 2004 for Awe, her brother Benga, and their parents.

Tope and Benga were detained in late March. Once that happened, U.S. Sen. Herb Kohl said he couldn't do anything to help.

Other lawmakers have introduced special bills to grant exceptions in high-profile immigration cases. But Kohl and Moore won't go that far.

Still, Moore says it would be a tragedy if Tope Awe could not get her pharmacy degree because her family has contributed to our society for the last 19 years.