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Buckle up or pay the fine, warn Ellsworth officers

If you're driving in Ellsworth the next couple of weeks, are stopped by an officer for any traffic offense, and anyone in the car isn't belted in, someone will get a ticket.

From May 19 through June 1, the seven Ellsworth officers on duty will join law enforcement agencies throughout the state in the annual "Click It or Ticket" safety belt enforcement, said Sgt. Eric Ladwig.

"I've witnessed very serious accidents where people have walked away because they were wearing seatbelts," said Ladwig. He explained that the intent of the campaign is to save lives and reduce injuries by emphasizing the importance of routinely using seatbelts.

"We won't do any warnings. We will issue tickets," he said. "That goes for the driver and/ or passengers."

If the driver isn't wearing his seatbelt, he will get a ticket. If a passenger over the age of 16 isn't belted, he will get a ticket. If a child isn't wearing a belt or in a proper car seat, the parent or driver will get a ticket.

Fines range from $10 for an unbelted adult to as much as $160.80 for driving with a small child who isn't in a safety seat.

For more please read the May 21 print version of the Herald.