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Van Hollen says no to left-wing group's request for Gableman investigation

The state attorney general will not investigate alleged illegal political phone calls made by Supreme Court Justice-elect Michael Gableman six years ago.

The liberal group One Wisconsin Now accuses Gableman of illegally using tax-funded phones while he was the district attorney in Ashland County.

He was said to be arranging a campaign fundraiser for then-Republican Gov. Scott McCallum.

Gableman now says he doesn't remember all the details.

He was elected to the Supreme Court in April. One week later One Wisconsin Now asked the state's Government Accountability Board to investigate the calls.

But the board said it couldn't do so because legislators would not let them probe cases more than three years old.

The group then tried to get current district attorneys in Burnett and Ashland counties to investigate.

Burnett County, where Gableman is now a circuit judge, said it didn't have jurisdiction.

Ashland County told the group to go to the attorney general.

Now, the AG's office says it doesn't have the jurisdiction or authority to investigate and they said to go back to the local DA.

The group says it's trying to get somebody to act before the statute of limitations in the case runs out next month.