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Gawkers a mixed blessing at Lake Delton

It was two weeks ago today when Lake Delton got washed down the Wisconsin River.

Now, the community is dealing with thousands of gawkers and they've been a mixed blessing.

Pat Schultz lives close to where the shore created a new channel that flushed the water away. She figures that a 1,000 people walked onto her property to see the massive mud before police cordoned it off.

But some gawkers have volunteered to help clean up and others made it a point to spend money at nearby businesses, especially the Ravina Bay restaurant which overlooks the lake.

Many, though, have just looked and left and some businesses have put up signs telling those folks to stay away.

Tony Hozeny, an official with the Wisconsin Department of Commerce, says Lake Delton is the only flooded-out community with a big gawking problem.

Police are doing what they can to keep people off the lake itself for safety reasons, but some folks have been looking for hidden treasurers.

Two animal bones have given to authorities, along with four guns. Detective Janet Lapp said the weapons were covered by years of sediment.

They were sent to the State Crime Lab to see if their owners could be found.