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Revamp proposed for vet memorial

Although county supervisors haven't given their stamp of approval, Pierce County's new veteran services officer has developed a proposal for an expanded memorial on the front lawn of the courthouse.

As groundskeepers prepare for the replacement and repair of sidewalks, he agreed to develop a plan for the front lawn, said VSO David Till.

The plan calls for the addition of an "eternal flame," moving the five stone tablets listing the county's war dead to the opposite side of the existing sidewalk and adding two more flag poles, two picnic tables and more sidewalk.

Till said the proposed memorial would be arranged in half circles on each side of the walk leading to the courthouse's front entrance.

The existing flag pole holds the American flag above the Wisconsin flag. Till suggested three poles: One for the U.S. flag, one for the state flag and one for the prisoner of war flag.

The "eternal flame" would be a simulated flame powered by electricity.

Till is proposing moving the cannon from the courthouse lawn to the front lawn of the County Office Building.

He said his department would sell paving bricks for $100 to $150 and placards for a larger amount to help fund the project.

For more information about the plan or sponsorships, call Till at 273-6753 or go to the county's web site: Click on "Department," then on "Veterans Services" and then on "Pierce County Veterans Memorial."