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Ellsworth stunt specialists going on tour, TV this summer

The word's getting around about the stunts Rico Roman features in his company's productions.

They're so entertaining that, not only has Roman's Arse Marks produced a new DVD containing a sampling, but he and his crew have been invited to take their show on the road. Late this month, they'll leave for the "Warped Tour" to promote the approximately 50-minute production, complete with bonus section, then hope to appear on a TV show called "The Pro Idiot Tour."

The former is a concert tour that's been played for "years and years" around the U.S., Roman said Tuesday. It boasts nearly 70 bands and seven stages.

"It's the biggest concert tour there is," he said, adding it attracts the audience he has in mind for the new DVD.

The stunt video producer said he intended to have a table at the tour's stop in Minneapolis, which has been attended by over 20,000 youths in the past. Organizers were willing to look at the Ellsworth-based product and approved the locals' participation.

"I ended up booking three shows," he said, indicating he and four others will spend three days in a row in Milwaukee, Chicago and Minneapolis early next month. The others are Colin Holton, Jerome Fischer, Nick Mewes and Mike Brunner.

They'll have the 150-or-so copies of the DVD along with them for sale at $10 apiece, he said. They'll also sell shirts in two different designs plus stickers. Their presence at the outdoor concerts will run from 8:45 a.m. to 7 p.m. each of the three days.

"We'll be videotaping the kids who come there, too," he said, wanting to expand their tour participation to even more stops next year.

Their involvement in the TV program stems from an acquaintanceship with "We Play Crazy," a stunt group from New Jersey they met last year, Roman said. That group has been pitching an idea for a show in which they'd travel the U.S. for 10 days seeking the best stunt teams in skills ranging from biking to extreme sports.

"The pilot they're showing the (TV) networks has us in it," he said, mentioning their East Coast friends had already gotten some video footage of the Arse Marks crew.

If the program proceeds, there will be a challenge aspect, he said. For example, a ramp might be set up near a tree, then riders asked to ride over it into the tree to see how high they land. The New Jersey outfit would come to Ellsworth, probably later next month, to videotape Roman's group (this time with him joined by Derrick Schell, Holton and Fischer), as they go back and forth capturing various stunts.

Anyone who beats them would get $10,000 cash, he said.

"I was floored when I heard that...we'd be willing to do it just for the exposure," he said.

Read more in the print version of the Herald July 9.