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Semi strikes a bicyclist in Dunn County

A semi struck a bicyclist Friday, Jan. 4, on State Highway 85 in Dunn County.

According to the press release, John V. Murinchack, Jr., 46, New York, was pushing his bicycle eastbound on STH 85, the same direction Daryl Jordan, 69, Holcombe, was driving the semi.

Murchinchack was walking on the edge of the road with the flow of traffic and didn't have any lights or reflective clothing. The rear reflection of the bicycle was bent up under the seat and would not be visible. The release states it appears as Jordan passed Murinchack, he was struck by the trailer.

Murchinchack was flown to Mayo-Rochester with non-life threatening injuries. Jordan was uninjured.

A post crash inspection is being done by the Wisconsin State Patrol.