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Death of two-year-old boy in Centuria ruled an accident

The death of a two-year-old boy in northwest Wisconsin was ruled an accident exactly one year after it happened.  Two-year-old Isaiah Theis was found dead in the trunk of a car that was waiting to be serviced at a home auto repair business run by the child's father near Centuria.  Yesterday -- on the one-year anniversary of Isaiah's death -- Polk County District Attorney Dan Steffen said no charges would be filed.  He said he agreed with investigators who concluded that the youngsters took the vehicle's keys -- and there was no evidence of intent to kill the youngster, or recklessness on the part of anyone.  About 25-hundred local residents helped search for Isaiah -- but the car was never checked, because it was not thought the child unlock the vehicle and get in.  The car's owner found the boy about 27 hours after he was last seen.  An autopsy showed that he died from probably hypothermia.