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Trip to take home tree brightens Pierce County holidays naturally

PRESCOTT--The holidays are a time for traditions and one some families wouldn't want to miss requires a journey.

Christmas is associated with travel, whether it be Mary and Joseph going to Bethlehem or the Three Wise Men following a star to the manger in the distant past. In the present, relatives use the road, rail or sky to visit each other for yuletide gatherings.

Then there are today's outings in preparation for the season--those excursions to tree lots to cut down and/or bring home a natural Christmas tree for their homes.

It doesn't have to be far; these lots can be found in most communities. Yet, the trip itself can represent an important part of the holiday celebration, so it should be memorable.

Nesbitt's Nursery, southeast of Prescott along Hwy. 35, is an area business ready to serve a public willing to settle for nothing less than real greenery.

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