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Fresh Art Spring Tour next weekend

MAIDEN ROCK--The 15th annual Fresh Art Spring Tour will be held Friday-Sunday, May 17-19, in Pierce and Pepin counties. There will be 12 featured sites.

The tour gives participants the opportunity to have an art adventure in one of nature's remaining unspoiled regions--the area between the Mississippi and Chippewa Rivers in Pepin and Southern Pierce counties. The homes, studios and galleries, some formerly old farms and their outbuildings, have been made into spaces of beauty. The gardens are blooming and charming, set into this scenic destination in Wisconsin.

A thriving art scene is located in the villages of Pepin, Stockholm, Maiden Rock, Durand, Plum City and the rural areas they serve. With theaters, music, artists, writers, a film festival and more--the many art events offered here draw 10s of thousands from the larger cities and towns, and it continues to grow each year.

Traveling along the river and into the countryside, discover scenic winding roads, and the talented artists and craftspeople on the tour. There are great bakeries, galleries, restaurants and inns here, presented in a low-key manner, yet the quality is startlingly good. Maybe too, find a farm that has put their produce out where payment is at the box--honor system.

Arriving at an artist or craftsperson's studio, don't be surprised to find a talented, possibly world-renowned person who extends an invitation to view their work and gallery.

This year, the Fresh Art Studio Tour meshes with another area event: Fresh Paint. This open-air painting event begins the week before the studio tour and artists' paintings will be on display at two of the tour sites. Outdoor painting lessons are offered and the public is invited to watch the plein air artists at work, or to try it themselves!

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The tour is comprised of 12 sites from Durand on Hwy. 10 to Maiden Rock on Hwy. 35 (the Great River Road). For more information, visit the website at, or call 715-285-5692 or 715-672-8188 for a brochure or more information.