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MINNESOTA NEWS ROUNDUP: Wells Fargo accused of falsifying foreclosure documents

WHITE PLAINS, NY -- Wells Fargo appears to have set up detailed internal procedures to falsify foreclosure papers. The lawyer in a New York bankruptcy case describes in court documents a 150-page manual that was created in November 2011 and updated February 2012. The court papers allege that the booklet details a procedure for processing mortgage notes without the paperwork proving that the company that's foreclosing owns the loan, and therefore has the right to kick a family out of its home. A Wells Fargo spokesman denied that the manual could be used to order improper documents. Forensic accountant Jay Patterson tells the New York Post, "it's an explosive document." An article written in March 2013 for the finance blog Naked Capitalism described allegations of widespread tampering with foreclosure documents at a Wells Fargo office in Minnesota.


A young man is dead and a suspect is being held in Stearns County Jail following a shooting at a Sprint store in a Sartell strip mall. The 20-year-old victim was shot in the chest and was taken to the hospital in a private vehicle but has since died. The area around the store was cordoned off after the incident and police say they found evidence connected to the shooting in back of the store. Sartell schools were placed on lockdown as a precaution. The suspect was arrested about three hours after the shooting but has not been named.


Details are scarce, but Hopkins police confirm they are investigating an assault that ended with a stabbing last (Thu) night. Investigators say the victim was stabbed in the chest and taken to the hospital for treatment. No information concerning a suspect or a motive is available.


The Minnesota State Patrol is urging motorists who plan to celebrate St. Patrick's Day this weekend or on Monday to plan ahead for a sober ride if they plan to drink. Officials are also encouraging people to report suspected impaired drivers to law enforcement. Department of Public Safety records show that since 2009, the number of people arrested for DWI around St. Patrick's Day has gone up each year.


 A Twin Cities charity is the target of a lawsuit filed by Minnesota's Attorney General. A-G Lori Swanson says it appears donations to A Brighter Day Foundation were used to support the lifestyle of the organizations executive director. The Eden Prairie-based charity claims to help at-risk youth, but the court documents show that A-B-D-F hasn't housed any students since early last summer and has provided only limited mentoring to former students. Swanson says the organization's executive director Gardner Gay spent thousands of dollars, at gyms, massage parlors, the Mall of America, in restaurants, on air travel, on car repairs, and even a downpayment on a home. The state has asked for a restraining order to stop Gay from accessing the charity's bank accounts in any way until an audit is performed and asks that Gay repay any organization money he used for personal expenses.