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Brewpub opens at Spring Valley Golf Course

SPRING VALLEY--The Spring Valley Golf Course is taking operations to a new level.

After several months of waiting for the required federal and state permits, on June 13 the club officially became the area’s newest brewpub. One week later, they brewed their first batch.

How it came to be

Guy Leach, president of Leach Golf Properties, lives just three houses down from Dave Boisen, the brewmaster for the brewpub at the golf course.

“Dave started home brewing about three years ago, and he was so proud of his beer that he’d host ‘beer tastings’ for friends and neighbors. Since our daughters both played high school sports together, many a Friday night after a game we’d sit in his kitchen and, while the wives talked about the game, we’d talk about beer.”

“I still remember that night,” Dave Boisen recalled. “Guy is looking at me over a glass of one of the ales I had on hand after the basketball game that night, and out of the blue he says, ‘You know, maybe you could start brewing beer for me,’ and I thought, ‘Why not’? I’m not sure how we can do that, but let’s figure it out.”

For more please read the July 23 print version of the Herald.