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New microbrewery to apply for license in Ellsworth

A new microbrewery and restaurant is being planned for 193 Main St., it was announced to the Ellsworth Village Board Monday.

The report was issued by Village Clerk Peggy Nelson. She wrote the village’s license committee needed to meet before the September meeting of the full board in order to vote on issuing a Class B Retailer’s License to Common Man Brewing, Inc., for the new business.

Also in her report, the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) lease on their office in the village hall expired in November of last year. However, the state plans to renew the lease and the board’s finance committee will act on it before the September meeting of the full board. The monthly rent is $417.98.

In a report by Ellsworth Police Chief Eric Ladwig, he stated two new part-time officers were recently hired. They are Jordan Smith and Aaron Boldt.

Diane Bunce of Crest Lane spoke before the board on three topics. She told trustees storm water is collecting in front of her home after heavy rains and it has become a “real mess.” Village Public Works Director Greg Engeset said the street Bunce’s home is on is one of a few in the village where drain tile comes out into the street because curb and gutter was installed after 1993. He said the water build-up may be due to homeowners on the street re-routing the drain tile into the curb due to wet weather this past spring and early summer, and said he would check into it.

Bunce also said she had been having trouble getting Engeset to return her phone calls to the village. Engeset said he believed Bunce’s calls, her questions and concerns, had been taken care of by the village employees who handled them, but he said in the future he would be prompt in returning her calls.

For more please read the August 6 print version of the Herald.