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Vista Croix construction on the horizon

According to Prescott City Administrator Jayne Brand, construction is projected to begin in March on the long-awaited Vista Croix multi-use development project on the site of the former Steamboat Inn. (Photo courtesy of Jayne Brand and the Prescott City Council)

PRESCOTT -- After two meetings, the Prescott City Council moved the Vista Croix project closer to fruition by approving the site, grading, erosion control, utilities and stormwater plans.

On Dec. 27, Mayor David Hovel said the stormwater plans are attracting the most attention from the Department of Natural Resources, according to City Administrator Jayne Brand.

Brand said because a small portion of the 29,608-square-foot property is next to U.S. Highway 10, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation is required to find a way to properly store any stormwater the site produces.

Brand said the initial plan was to store two stormwater containers outside on the DOT portion of the property, but stormwater will be collected in the lower portion of the parking lot.

The stormwater collected may be used for irrigation.

It was also confirmed that Vista Croix isn’t part of the slope preservation area, being it’s on a flatter area of land than other areas around the property. The DNR has said no portion of the requested building can be closer than 40 feet to the “ordinary highwater mark.” Any area closer than that would be on the existing foundation, which was left behind after demolition of the previous building.

The plans presented by Hovel were approved unanimously. Brand said Vista Croix construction can begin “hopefully” in March.

In a meeting Jan. 9, the council worked with Cedar Corporation to write a grant to the Wisconsin Economic Development organization for $250,000.

Brand said they are in the process of writing the grant and it will likely be a “two-month process” and it isn’t a given they will “get the grant.”

Going forward, Brand said inquiries have been received about all of the Vista Croix condos, but parking will be the part of the process that will be difficult.

“There isn’t a lot of underground parking and main level parking,” Brand said. “I think it comes up there’s about 80 stalls and the banquet room is at 250. Even if you consider two people per vehicle, you’re short there.”

Brand expects there to be valet parking.

Other business
  • The site location, grading, erosion control, utility and stormwater plans for the 190,000-square-foot Diversified Manufacturing Corporation building proposed for Eagle Ridge Business Park passed unanimously at the Dec. 27 meeting.

Brand said Cedar Corporation and Johnson-Scofield would like “to start as soon as possible” on the project and Brand speculated “we’re going to see something relatively soon.”

  • At the Jan. 9 meeting, a $78,000 bid from Cedar Corporation for engineering, design and permit work was accepted by the council to begin the process of constructing two underpasses beneath Highway 10 at Canton and Borner streets.

Council members discussed making one underpass longer than previously mentioned. Crossing beneath Orrin Road from Borner Street will be discussed by the Public Works Committee.

Brand said the project will begin the design process, though a timetable is not clear yet.

  • The Public Works garage will host a rabies clinic for cats and dogs 9 a.m. to noon Saturday, Jan. 21.

  • A public information meeting will be held 4:30-6:30 p.m. Monday, Jan. 23 at the municipal building for residents affected by upcoming Henry, Hampshire and James streets projects.
Matthew Lambert

Matthew Lambert joined the Pierce County Herald and River Falls Journal in December 2016 covering government, school board, and writing features about the community. He is a graduate of Winona State University with a Bachelor's degree in Journalism.