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Slain woman's family: Change death certificate

Nearly 30 years after she died, a River Falls woman's death certificate may be changed to identify cause of death as "homicide" rather than "accident."

At the request of her family, Judge Robert Wing signed an order Nov. 13 adding the word "intentional" to a description of the 410-gauge shotgun discharge that took the life of Lila Margaret Clay, 28. The order to amend has been sent to the state Bureau of Vital Statistics.

Lila Clay died Jan. 16, 1980, in her home at 309 N. Grove St., River Falls.

Two years later, her husband, Ronald John Clay, was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison. He claimed the gun fired accidently. The prosecution alleged Ronald Clay shot his wife for insurance money.

The request to change the death certificate was made by Lila's daughter, Rhonda Jane Jensen, Ellsworth.

Ronald Clay, an inmate at Oakhill Correctional Institution, paid the $164 fee to amend the death certificate.

For more please read the Nov. 25 print version of the Herald.