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Onalaska man goes to jail for heroin overdose death

LA CROSSE - A La Crosse area man will spend four years in prison for providing the heroin that killed a 22-year-old man last November.

Kyle Smith of Onalaska had pleaded guilty to reckless homicide and possessing heroin with the intent to deliver. He was sentenced yesterday. Bradley Benzing died from a heroin overdose. His brother Greg told Circuit Judge Ramona Gonzalez that his family was destroyed quote, "by an individual trying to make a few bucks." The 22-year-old Smith told the judge that he didn't like it when Benzing arrived at the dealer's apartment - and he let him go with a tenth-of-a-gram of heroin. Smith said he didn't know that Benzing would fight for his life, and it make him "sick" to think about it.

Smith must spend six years under extended supervision when he leaves prison.